Autotouring National Parks

Autotouring National Parks

Many US Parks offer the opportunity to take scenic drives through American Public Lands. These drives provide opportunities for seeing wildlife and landmarks from the comfort of your own vehicle. Usually scenic viewpoints are available for stopping to get out and take photos and explore the land. Park offices will have maps detailing points of interest.

You will want to make sure you have a full tank, good maps, food supplies and perhaps a GPS device. Please be aware of Park rules for driving and stay on designated roads. And please drive safely and be courteous to others who are enjoying the same sites.

A good idea would be to purchase an atlas or driving guide that focuses on the features you can see for your visit to a park.

Autotouring Tips and Ideas

  • Check your vehicle’s oil, tire pressure, water level, wiper fluids, windshield wipers, belts and hoses, the battery and the heating and air conditioning system.
  • Know the climate you will be touring in and prepare accordingly. It’s easy to check historical weather patterns and temperatures at your favorite weather website.
  • Make sure you have your camera and photographic supplies. With a car you might consider taking a tripod.
  • If you are taking a GPS device, some devices allow you to pre-program points of interests.
  • Make a schedule and determine your driving distances and times before the trip. Try not to rush too much and think about the spots you would like to spend more time at.
  • If your vehicle is small, consider taking a roof carrier for extra supplies. You don’t want to feel cramp in your vehicle.
  • Map out potential restaurants, fuel stations and restroom locations.