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Camping Success: Camping is a fun activity for the entire family. You may have to be prepared for it a few weeks prior. To make your camping trip very successful and an enjoyable experience, here are the 7 steps to Camping Success!

7 Steps To Camping Success

1. Make a list of camping equipments

Make a careful list of all the camping equipment you will need for your trip.

  • Feel free to use our camping list as a starter.
  • An excellent approach for organizing your gear is to purchase several large plastic containers and label them as kitchen gear, sleeping gear, and so on.
  • You can quickly put these containers into your vehicle or trailer to see how much room you will have.
  • Having the containers will also make loading and unloading more comfortable and keep things dry.
  • Start packing the weekend before your camping trip, and remember to leave room on your list and in your containers for last-minute inspirations.

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2. Pick the Optimal Camping Spot

Do some investigation about the area you will be visiting.

  • Take into consideration the time of year for camping.
  • The weather is obviously essential but what about the level of tourist traffic for that time of year.
  • If you are planning to leave the campground and visit the local tourist attractions, discuss and pick the things you want to do beforehand.
  • You can save a lot of time already knowing what you want to do.
  • As far as weather is concerned, it never hurts to check almanacs to have an idea of historical weather patterns for the time of year you will be camping.

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1

3. Invest in Camping Gears

If your budget is limited, invest in camping gear that will help you sleep well.

  • A good family tent, sleeping bags, and air mattresses are well worth the investment for your camping trip.
  • Take plenty of ibuprofen for sore muscles and extra socks for warmth and keeping dry.
  • Bottom line, you want to sleep well and keep everyone’s energy levels up.

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1

4. Make Good Preparations for Kids

Make good preparations for your children’s camping experience. You will find several suggestions in another article here. Keeping the kids happy during your camping trip should be a top priority for a family vacation.

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1

5. Get Prepared with Camping Recipes

Plan to eat well. Begin with checking out our suggested camping recipes.

  • Plan meals that are easy to prepare and clean up and load up on carbohydrates.
  • The additional activities involved with camping will require more calories.
  • Snacks are essential as well, especially for hiking, swimming, and sitting around the campfire.
  • People’s camping memories are often associated with the meals they had on the trip: Bad memories like getting ashes in those tin foil dinners you bury in the fire coals and great memories of how Mom actually backed a cake with a dutch oven.
  • You will also be amazed at how much better food tastes on a camping trip than at home.

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1

6. Get Into Physical Activities Prior to Camping

If your trip is going to involve strenuous activities, get in shape before you go.

  • The last thing you want is to be totally exhausted after a day’s hike or a canoe trip.
  • Getting in shape can go a long way towards preventing injuries as well.
  • So jog or walk and do a few pushups and situps in the months leading up to the camping season.
  • If you are not in shape, you can still have a great camping vacation.
  • Just be realistic about the activities you plan to tackle.

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1

7. Blend in with the Nature

Make sure you experience the nature that surrounds you when you go camping.

  • Don’t get so busy that you forget to watch a bird build a nest, listen to a waterfall, smell the honeysuckles, and soak up some sun.
  • We need to slow down sometimes, folks.

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1

What is your favorite tip for a successful camping experience?

Family Camping - 7 Steps To Camping Success 1


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