camping with kids

Camping with kids is a great experience for bonding as a family. Here are the top 10 tips for camping with kids.

  • Try to arrive at the campsite with plenty of daylight left to play, nothing is worse for a kid than to ride in the car all day, finally get there and then have to go to sleep.
  • When planning a hike for the day, remember that the rule of thumb is one mile a day per year in age. Even if the hike is short, take a compass and binoculars to encourage a sense of adventure.
  • Remember to plan a trip to an area that provides activities, quiet and solitude may be great for adults, but you won’t get any solitude if the kids are bored.
  • Be prepared and have plans, but don’t worry about doing everything on your list. Camping is an excellent opportunity to just relax and let the kids amuse themselves and you.
  • Make sure you walk around the area where you are staying to get the children familiar with where their tent is and how to get back. Point out the areas to stay away from before you let them roam free and remind them of the rules for interaction with strangers.
  • Plan ahead for what to do if the kids get bored. Rainy days don’t have to ruin a camping trip, just have a few games planned or easy crafts.
  • Let the kids have their own disposable camera, a contest for the best nature picture or a scavenger hunt done with pictures is not a bad idea.
  • A sketch pad with pencils for drawing what they see in nature can come in handy and encourages the kids to pay attention to the environment around them.
  • Remember to talk with your kids about manners, a book or quiet activity can be a good alternative for early mornings when your neighbors may still be sleeping.
  • Participation in making/breaking camp is vital for many reasons, but it can be fun also. Make it an adventure.

Share your tips when camping with kids.


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