Best Ski Helmets With Visors

Generally, ski helmets are crafted from sturdy materials to withstand shocks and impacts. However, to protect the eyes from the harmful sun rays, you need more than that. This is where the best ski helmets with visors come into play.

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The visor can keep the eyes away from snowflakes, glare, or other obstructions. With the aid of a visor, you will be more agile when maneuvering between the slopes. It is perfect for both sunny and cloudy days.

Best Ski Helments with Visors – Comparison Table

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Are Ski Helmets Safety Certified?

Yes, ski helmets are safety certified. When you shop for the best ski helmets with visors, you should choose a model with the following safety certification.

Are Ski Helmets Safety Certified?

1) ASTM F2040-18: Recreational Snow Sports

This safety certification was developed by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for non-motorized recreational snow sports. Think of snowboard and ski helmets.

  • In winter sports, head injuries can be caused by collisions with various objects, surfaces, or even other people.
  • Therefore, this standard requires tests on 3 different types of anvils: angular, hemispherical, and flat.
  • Each of the test helmets is struck once on the hemispherical anvil, twice on the flat anvil. Once on the angular anvil after exposure to heat, cold, or immersion in the water.

Also, these helmets are subjected to a dynamic resistance test. A new ski helmet is used to test the effectiveness of the restraint system.

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2) Skiing and Snowboarding: BS EN 1077: 2007 Class B

This standard governs the design of the helmet itself. It covers everything from the minimum coverage area to the coverage requirements for the ears and the width of the restraint straps.

  • It prohibits chin bars and restricts materials used in the helmets. The helmet should generally be light, easy to take off and put on, and not significantly impair the wearer’s field of vision or hearing.
  • During the test, helmets (exposed to artificial UV aging, room temperature, or cold) were mounted on a head form for drop tests on a flat anvil at 2 separate impact points.
  • A tapered firing pin (pointed weight) is placed at 3 different points on the helmet shell in a penetration resistance test at a specific impact speed.
  • The effectiveness and strength of the restraint system are also assessed.

Finally, the standard comprises 2 classes – Class A and B – which differ in test parameters and helmet design.

  • For instance, Class A helmets cannot have removable hearing protection because the ears fall below the required protection zone.
  • Also, the Class A penetration resistance test requires a higher impact speed.
  • The distinctions between the two classes are the product of consumer preference.
  • While Class A has a higher penetration resistance and greater coverage area, making them popular for racing ski helmets, Class B is designed to meet the needs of snowboarders and skiers who want better hearing and more ventilation.

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Why do I Need to Buy a Ski Helmet with a Visor?

Visor helmets are becoming more and more popular.

Visor Helmet's Advantages

  • These ski helmets offer similar safety standards as non-visor helmets but look a lot like a motorcycle helmet with an integrated visor that fits over the face and loops over the helmet as needed.
  • The advantage of ski helmets with visors is that you always have the visor available without worrying about taking glasses with you.
  • Ski helmets with visors are an excellent option if you wear glasses, as they will fit over your glasses comfortably in most cases.
  • The visor also provides excellent peripheral vision, which is especially useful in low-light conditions.

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What to Look for?

Whenever you choose a helmet for outdoor adventures, safety standards must come first. Make sure it passes intensive product testing or is safety certified. Once this has been confirmed, you can consider the secondary aspects like communication features, convenience, design, and many more.

Let’s look at a few factors to consider when shopping for the best ski helmets with visors.

A) Construction

Ski Helmet Construction

Ski helmets with or without a visor have to be strong and durable.

  • The main housing must be made of a material that can absorb shock and withstand substantial impacts.
  • During this time, the visor should be strong enough to protect your face in the event of an unexpected occurrence.
  • You might want to try the options from premium brands. Typically, they offer helmets with durable construction and the best materials.

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B) Ventilation

Ski Helmet Ventilation

Skiing is a strenuous activity, and you can sweat a lot.

  • So, it is essential to choose a model with adequate ventilation to ensure optimum air circulation.
  • Besides, you can also consider models with breathable padding.
  • You will feel comfortable this way even if you have to wear the ski helmet with a visor for hours.

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C) Additional Features

Ski Helmet Additional Features

Once it has been confirmed that the helmet meets all necessary safety standards, you can take a closer look at additional features like a built-in microphone, integrated audio system, Google compatibility, and many more.

In fact, there are ski helmets that come with Bluetooth speakers. That said, an important thing to always remember is that the additional features should not affect your comfort. It should make your experience on the slopes more enjoyable.

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Best Ski Helmets with Visors

Here are the top 6 best ski helmets with visors on the market today:

1. Bolle Might Visor Ski Helmets

The Bolle Might Visor Ski Helmet guarantees excellent protection on the slopes thanks to its ABS shell.

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  • The ABS injection construction guarantees high absorption and high strength against impact for a more robust structure.
  • Also, its CAT-2 photochromic visor guarantees adaptable vision. The vent holes ensure a constant airflow to keep your head at an ideal temperature.
  • Additionally, the apertures at strategic points on the ski helmet ensure constant airflow inside.
  • It features a rubber adjustment knob that allows you to loosen or tighten the helmet effortlessly, even with gloves.
  • The removable head is designed for warmth and comfort as it allows you to hear well and is removable for cleaning.
  • The Bolle Might Visor Ski Helmets are perfect for those wearing glasses. It offers a wide field of view for panoramic vision.
  • Durable construction
  • Integrated ventilation
  • Removable ear pads
  • Click to fit system.
  • Detachable and washable lining.
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2. Bolle Backline Premium Visor

If you are looking for an advanced ski helmet with a visor, the Bolle Backline Visor Premium is a perfect choice.

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  • It uses photochromic lens technology, which allows you to darken or lighten the lens depending on the weather conditions.
  • If that is not enough, it’s also equipped with UVA and B protection. So, you can ski for many hours without worrying about damaging your hands or face.
  • This ski helmet will be handy on sunny days. Beyond that, this ski helmet with a visor also promises total protection.
  • Bolle claims that this unit is EN 1077 B certified and uses a shell construction with ABS.
  • The Bolle Backline Premium Visor is one of the best visor ski helmets on the market.
  • We particularly like the photochromic lens technology because it sets it apart from its competitors.
  • Injected ABS shell construction.
  • Removable ear pads for comfort.
  • Photochromic lens technology
  • Click-to-Fit system
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3. Heemtle 2 in 1 Visor Ski Helmet

This is guaranteed to be convenient to wear for several hours. The Heemtle 2 in 1 Visor Ski Helmet is equipped with ventilation slots that enable efficient air circulation.

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  • Your head will remain cool despite all strenuous activities. The weather in ski areas are often irregular – it can be sunny at times but windy some minutes later.
  • Luckily, this helmet’s visor has 3 layers of a special sponge that protect the eyes from snow and wind.
  • This ski helmet with a visor uses a lightweight shell construction and high-quality EPS foam if that is not enough.
  • The Heemtle 2 in 1 Visor Ski Helmet is CE, and ASTM certified.
  • Many users liked the ventilation openings for efficient air circulation and the visor with wind protection.
  • Premium EPS foam and PC shell construction.
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Fog and UV resistant visor with 3 layers of sponge.
  • Suitable for both skiing and snowboarding.
  • Available only in medium size.
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4. Odoland Snow Ski Helmet with Goggles Set

No one likes a visor that blurs while skiing on the slope. With the Odoland Snow Ski Helmet with Goggles Set, there is no more of that.

Odoland Ski Helmet and Goggles Set, Snowboard Helmet Glasses for Men, Women & Youth - Shockproof/Windproof Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding,Black,XL

  • It is equipped with 12 large vents that help to reduce blurring in foggy weather.
  • Not only do the ventilation holes optimize air circulation, but it also minimizes visor blurring.
  • This ski helmet with a visor also has a comfortable and durable design. Odoland claims to use only high-quality materials to effectively prevent injuries.
  • Also, they say this unit can absorb shock and provide a secure fit. If that is not enough, you will also receive a carrying bag.
  • Are you ready to take the Odoland Snow Ski Helmet with Goggles Set helmet to one of the ski resorts around the country?
  • 12 ventilation holes system.
  • Impact and shock-resistant
  • Removable liner
  • Adjustable chin bar
  • Not intended for those big head.
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5. SINNER Ski and Snowboard Helmet

The SINNER Ski and Snowboard Helmet is another contender for the best ski helmet with visors that promises users crystal clear views.

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  • This ski and snowboard helmet uses category-2 mirrored lenses for maximum vision and UV protection.
  • It provides higher contrast and is ideal for light fog, snow, or low light conditions.
  • You can wear this helmet comfortably all day thanks to the 2 ventilation openings at the front and 4 at the rear to ensure maximum air circulation.
  • Additionally, you can use the adjustable chin strap to find your ideal fit.
  • Among the best ski helmets with a visor on the market, the SINNER Ski and Snowboard Helmet are worth looking at, especially if you don’t plan on spending too much.
  • Mirrored lens for maximum vision and UV protection.
  • Lightweight shell construction with polyester lining.
  • Six vent holes for maximum airflow.
  • Quick-release system
  • The earpads are not removable.
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6. ALPINA GRAP Visor 2.0 HM Ski Helmet

With the ALPINA GRAP Visor 2.0 HM Ski Helmet, you are guaranteed unlimited fun on the snow slopes.

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  • Not only does the visor offer protection against the wind, but it also enhances the contrast vision.
  • The visor allows you to quickly recognize danger spots and changes in terrain, providing safety and comfort for your eyes.
  • Additionally, this unit offers 100 percent protection against UV-A, B, and C rays.
  • Thanks to the Run System, you can adjust the helmet optimally to your head, guaranteeing a perfect fit.
  • A surrounding neck warmer and a soft ear with color accents ensure a comfortable fit.
  • With its practical visor and superior fit, the ALPINA GRAP Visor 2.0 HM Ski Helmet is not only comfortable but offers maximum protection.
  • Offers maximum protection and field of vision.
  • Comfortable and removable interior.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight yet stable
  • A bit pricey
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Whether you are an avid skier or snowboarder, we hope that you can stay safe on the snow slopes with the best ski helmet with visors.

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