Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail

Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail Wiki
Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail Wiki (Source: Wikimedia)

Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail

Park Information

Established in 2000 for the preservation, protection and interpretation of traditional Native Hawaiian culture and natural resources, the Ala Kahakai NHT is a 175-mile trail corridor full of cultural and historical significance.

It traverses through hundreds of ancient Hawaiian settlement sites and through over 200 ahupua’a, or traditional sea to mountain land divisions. Cultural resources along the trail include several important heiau (temples), royal centers, kahua (house site foundations), loko ‘ia (fishponds) ko`a (fishing shrines), ki?i pohaku (petroglyphs), holua (stone slide), and wahi pana (sacred places).

Natural Resources include anchialine ponds, pali (precipices), nearshore reefs, estuarine ecosystems, coastal vegetation, migratory birds, native sea turtle habitat, and several threatened and endangered endemic species of plants and animals.

Due to the magnitude and sensitivity of the cultural and natural resources that exist along the trail, the trail is not open to the public as a National Historic Trail pending the completion of the Comprehensive Management Plan and subsequent certification of specific trail segments.

Please contact the trail office for more information.

Agency Name:

National Park Service

Geographic Location

Contact Info

73-4786 Kanalani Street, #14

Kailua-Kona, HI


Additional Info

  • “I&M Reports & Publications for Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail (U.S. National Park Service)”. Accessed May 01, 2020. Link.


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