Carlyle Lake

Carlyle Lake
Carlyle Lake (Source: Wikimedia)

Carlyle Lake

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Carlyle Lake is located on the Kaskaskia River, approximately 107 miles above its mouth, near the community of Carlyle, Illinois.

Carlyle Lake is the largest man-made lake in Illinois, with over 26,000 acres of water and 11,000 acres of public land. The Carlyle Lake Project provides flood control, water quality control, and water supply to nearby communities, recreation, fish and wildlife conservation, and navigation.

Three marinas, 18 public boat ramps, a sailboat harbor, two State Parks, one with cabins, a resort with lodge, cabins and a restaurant, four beaches, five federal campgrounds, two state campgrounds, a visitor center, and numerous outlying areas provide a variety of opportunities for outdoors enthusiasts.

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US Army Corps of Engineers


Carlyle Lake is located approximately 50 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri on U.S. Highway 50. The lake area is well served by the existing highway system with U.S. 51 providing access from the east and Illinois 127 providing access from the west. Three major interstates, 70, 64, and 57 are within short driving distances from the lake.

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Carlyle, IL


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  • “Carlyle Lake”. Accessed May 17, 2020. Link.

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